Bad Reputation and how to deal with it

Online Reputation Management for Doctors - Digital valueadd

Healthcare Reputation Management | Bad Reputation | Digital Valueadd It is easier to study and analyze the human body and its parameters than analyze the parameters of online reputation management! Google is constantly evolving and updating its algorithms. So, if you rank today, it does not mean you can use the same strategy to rank […]

Why Do Doctors Need Online Reputation Management ?

Online Marketing for Doctors & Medical Practices - Healthcare Marketing | Digital Valueadd

Online Marketing for Doctors & Medical Practices – Healthcare Marketing | Digital Valueadd In today’s world, Managing the people’s opinions and ideas about your hospital or clinic will help to cultivate a good image about you. In this podcast, you will get to know How important is Online Marketing for Doctors and Medical Practices.  


Digital Marketing Strategies For Hospitals And Doctors. When we want to rebuild the plan for the hospital or healthcare management system there are some vital points that should be taken into consideration which are: 1. Target Market Here we basically funnel out the “best consumers” and focus on them with a perfect arrangement at every milestone […]

6 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing for Your Medical Practice

In today’s world, advertising plays a significant role. Different medical companies plan on various Healthcare Digital Marketing strategies throughout the year to promote their products and services. In this piece of a write-up, you will get to know about six different reasons for why you need digital marketing strategies for medical practice. 1. More Patients […]

How I Generated 20 New Patients For My Dental Client In Just 5 Days

As a doctor, the biggest challenge is to generate new leads as to get a steady flow of a patient in the clinic. By reading this post you may realize that a doctor is not that convinced to advertise his practice online, but still comfortable with tradition marketing. It may be because either a physician […]