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Bad Reputation and how to deal with it

Online Reputation Management for Doctors - Digital valueadd

Healthcare Reputation Management | Bad Reputation | Digital Valueadd

It is easier to study and analyze the human body and its parameters than analyze the parameters of online reputation management!

Google is constantly evolving and updating its algorithms. So, if you rank today, it does not mean you can use the same strategy to rank tomorrow.

As mentioned before, a doctor’s career is built on his reputation. The sad part is that anyone can wipe this out in a second. This could seriously damage to a doctor if necessary, precautions are not taken.

So lets us try to answer some basic questions to quickly understand the need.

  • Is it humanly possible to satisfy the need of every patient?
  • Is it possible to see patients immediately on their arrival or there is an inevitable waiting time?
  • Can you be available 24/7 at the service of every patient?
  • Are your front office staff and nurses 100% patient-friendly?
Online Reputation Management for Doctors - Bad Reputation

So the answer is

It is not humanly possible to be 100% perfect 24/7, 365 days in a year. So, it is easy to find loopholes in a good system. Also, sometimes, mistakes do happen. Though this should not be the reason to call a doctor unreliable, several instances have shown us the possibility.

Every day try to take some time and find out is that any negative review is there or not.

An important tip is to simply Google your name. Add in the related terms such as the location; last name etc. to get the right results.

Now try permutations and combinations using a mix of words such as complaints, reviews, ratings, comments, etc.

Now sit back and enjoy the show if you have been fortunate enough. But if you see even one bad comment, review, or story, it is ideal you go into damage control mode before the entire thing goes out of hand.

What Can I Do? 

Now you have spotted the bad remark or comment. It might be true or might not be. This does not matter. What matters now is the action you take to manage this. First, never panic. Most people go into a panic and do things that they regret later. So, stay calm. It happens. It’s normal.

Let’s understand what you should do


  • Action against the reviews. Some people believe in removing or deleting the reviews and comments (if possible). But the drawback of this method is that it has several consequences. The ideal way is to respond to the user in a polite manner (however angry you are). This shows other viewers that you have taken the time to help the person out and are reliable.


  • Start your ORM. ORM does not just involve responding or deleting that one remark. You now need to put the effort into managing the reputation by employing a combination of ORM, search engine marketing, social media management, write blogs, publish testimonials, create a video, get out press releases, and search engine optimization. All these efforts together will help you in the long run


  • ORM does not end: It is highly advisable that you keep ORM as a continuous process. Even if doctors are not online, their existing and future patients are.

Some doctors also hire lawyers in the process of online reputation management as they are aware of the legal course of action that can be taken as per law.

Again, we repeat here, that irrespective of your relationships with your patients or your work. Online reputation management is a must in today’s world. Once neglected, it will blow out of proportion and cause severe damage to your career. It is always better to design and curate an image for yourself in the online world, so if anything, negative or bad comes up, it is nothing but a single drop in a big beautiful ocean of good reviews and experiences.

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