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Digital marketing strategies for Gynaecologist

Digital marketing strategies for Gynaecologist

Digital marketing strategies for Gynaecologist in Bangalore
Digital Marketing Strategies For Gynaecologist in Bangalore - Valueadd

Most women find it difficult to open up about medical issues. But majority of them tend to  seek the help of a professional online to discuss health concerns.

Why do women seek the help of a gynaecologist?

There are many reasons why women seek the help of gynaecologists.  According to recent data, more than 80% of these potential patients are looking for preventive care, while the rest are looking for information about a problem.

Strategies for developing a marketing campaign for gynaecologist

The marketing plan for gynaecologists must build an impression of a trusted and reliable office for the visitors. If you are a gynaecologist your marketing plan has a huge advantage because your target audience is very clearly defined . Only women. But for you, the challenge and the goal is conveying your marketing message that connects with the target audience. The woman should connect in such a way that she feels comfortable to make a call.

A few steps to help you get started.

Step 1

Define your message . Know exactly what your audience pain points are? Address those pain points and build up an image of  a clean, professional environment with experienced and trustworthy doctors.

Step 2

Include patient testimonials about their experiences along with qualifications and experience of the doctors.

Step 3

Write stories on emotional moments . Record videos. Doctors with a new born in hand can help connect with to-be mothers. Target women groups on various platforms.

Step 4

Create a good website for your practice. Many women begin their search for a doctor online and a well optimized site always comes up first on the search engine. Provide all the locations for the practice as well as the services offered at each. You can have a dedicated page on the website to post  pictures of new born babies delivered by the doctors. This plays a major role in making a connection.

Step 5

Establish a social media presence for the practice. Encourage current patients to post about their own experiences with the office on your social media page. Ask new parents to post photos of their babies who were delivered by your doctors. It will drive traffic to your site and also create awareness about your practice.

Reputation Management

Online reviews are everywhere, and don’t think they don’t apply to gynecological practices. Online reviews have become crucial for converting potential patients because they often serve as the first impression when a potential patient is looking to find a gynaecology practice. A nice thing about this trend is that responding and engaging with these reviews doesn’t incur any cost, but it pays off. It is crucial to have a feedback system in place. The patients can either share it directly or you could share testimonials on your profiles.

There are reputation management software that alerts you when a new review is posted and that helps encourage patients to submit reviews.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can seem like a place where your friends showoff about their recent trips or some exotic restaurants they went to but it has actually become a crucial step in promoting brands . In your case, potential patients becoming your loyal patients. Many potential patients, look at a medical practice’s social media presence and reviews when making a decision whether or not to consult. When you are  active on social media, it shows potential patients the story behind your service.This builds trust and loyalty.

Successful social media marketing and management involves posting consistently and in line with your message. It is recommended to have a social media calendar designed to maintain a schedule. But since most doctors are busy treating patients , it is advisable to outsource these plans to experienced agencies especially one that is specialized in healthcare marketing.

It’s important for your practice to have a presence on these platforms. You need a system in place to ensure regular posting and interacting with posts from visitors.


Through Email marketing, you can write about your gynaecology services and reach your potential patients directly in their inboxes . You can collect email ids of the target audience in a systematic manner and send them information on what they are looking out for.

Email marketing helps to inform your prospective patients about the facilities you offer, the modern equipment and your skilled doctors. You can tell them about the various treatment options provided.

Do you need a digital marketing campaign?

Our team consists of highly experienced digital marketers in every field, and our specialty is ” Healthcare.” So get in touch, and our team will help you figure out how to reach more people online. 

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