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Google Local Listing Courses in Bangalore


Connect with us to learn Google Local Listing Courses in Bangalore.

The Local SEO service is the most effective way to attract new customers. The Most effective strategies for google local listing or local SEO are:

1. The first choice for local customers is to find a local business is Search Engine

Technology has evolved and more and more customer is using the internet to find information about local business

  • 96% of internet users conduct native searches
  • 46% of all Google searches are native
  • 64% of native customers use search engines as a primary source to find local business
  • 50% of native mobile searchers seek for business info (like a company’s address or phone number)

(Sources:Searchengineland.com )

2. Local search marketing is highly targeted and timely

The top reason for the native search is a search for a particular business. The second most typical reason is to seek out a product or service. Many local searches are trying to find out for a specific business. By implementing Local business search it is highly possible to win those local customers. This is the best time to attract the local customers once they really need your service and searching it online.

3. Conversion is very high

It’s a proven fact that the conversion from local searchers is always high. One of the main reasons is that your website appears when someone really needs your services. The customers get the information like services, contact details, direction, reviews, rating etc.,

This all can lead to high conversion rate.

4. Users of a Mobile net is Growing

More and a lot of customers use mobile phones or tablets to seek out the most effective native businesses whereas they’re on the go. In fact, in India, the mobile users are now higher at 55% then desktop users 42%. Local SEO ensures that no local customers miss out.

5. Higher return on Investment

Traditional advertising like newspapers, leaflets which are very expensive, local SEO is very cost effective and it gives a very high return on investment.

6. Google My Business -It’s Free

You just need to claim the local listing on Google My Business, Bing Local Business, and many other online business directories. The best part is it is absolutely free and a great opportunity to promote your business.

7. Online reviews- 88% of customers believe it

Word of mouth has been replaced by Voice of social media and reviews in Google. Today almost 88% of customers trust the local reviews. Ask your satisfied customers to write a review as this will attract hundreds of other customers.

(Source: Local Consumer Review Survey)

8. For local customer Online is the important choice to find information about a particular business

Local Customers Rely on the Internet to Find Information About Your Business.

In today’s busy scenario, a customer’s first take help of Google to find any information. If we have a strong local presence on the internet (Local SEO) the chances to win these customers increases many times.

These are effective strategies for google local listing or local SEO in Digital Marketing. Learn more about Google Local Listing Courses in Bangalore at DigitalValueAdd.

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