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Digital marketing strategies for Neuro Surgeon

Digital marketing strategies for Neuro Surgeon

Digital Marketing Strategies for Neurosurgeon in Bangalore
Digital Marketing Strategies for Neurosurgeon in Bangalore

If you are a neurosurgeon, you definitely do not want  spend time on acquiring new patients.

Through this Blog, we intend to make you aware of the simple digital marketing strategies that work for neurosurgeons. You might know that it starts with getting on Google.

It is the best free way to get traffic on Google.

Have you heard of Google my Business?

It is free and incredibly beneficial.

Doing this is also simple

Upload your information on Google my Business  and that’s it. It’s actual free because Google wants users to find accurate results.

This involves adding your address, the name of your neurology practice, along with some high quality pictures

This simple service will  you to start receiving patients looking out for neurology services.

So now that you are online, you can get a little deeper to build your online practice

Neurosurgery SEO

You need to be aware that google follows certain rules in terms of what content goes up. You need to know this or you could receive penalty followed by a ban.

So how to make it work.

Your prospective patients search for neurology services on Google . Your practice must come up higher on the search engine page. This is done through search engine optimization.This process involves a lot of strategies that range from keyword research on your neurology services, link building, blogs and other long term strategies.

PPC Services

Pay-per-click is an online advertising model used to direct traffic to your website.

PPC is very popular and accounts for more than sixty percent of clicks that are related to your industry. Usually your ROI on this mode of advertising is high.

To setup your campaign,  you need to choose the keywords with the help of keyword planner tools and then create the ad copy. Ad copies need to be written strategically.  You can try to run campaigns on your own, but many people seem to waste considerable amount of money before learning the tricks.

Social Media Management & Marketing

Your target audience is on social media. You need to grab their attention by being on all the platforms that your prospective patients are on.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube will help increase your patient count

Paid social media advertising is now very popular in delivering good results. Promoting your information via Facebook, Instagram and other platforms will give your

After running a social media campaign, you can check in real-time the number of people who have shown interest in your services.

Our digital marketing agency specializes in building a community around your practice by putting up engaging informative posts.

Re-targeting: Re-targeting uses cookies to follow the prospects in other sites and show a  reminder of what they saw in your page.

Online Reputation Management of your Neurology Practice

A reputation management team helps in meeting the needs of prospects, leads, existing patients thus building a cohesive digital community. Online reviews are everywhere, and don’t assume they don’t apply to neurology practices. Online reviews have become essential for converting potential patients because they often serve as the deciding factor when a potential patient is looking to find a neurology practice. An amazing thing about this trend is that responding and engaging with these reviews doesn’t cost you but yields very beneficial results. It is recommended to have a feedback system in place. The patients can either share it directly or you could share testimonials on your pages.

There are reputation management software that alerts you when a new review is posted and that helps encourage patients to submit reviews.

The art of successful digital marketing continues after the conversion of a lead to a patient. The strategies employed during a crisis situation should be pre planned.

A series of positive views will give confidence to the prospects about your services.


Through Email marketing, you can write about your neurology services and reach your potential patients . You can collect email ids of the target audience and send them information on what they are looking out for.

Email marketing helps to inform your prospective patients about the various treatment options, facilities you offer, the modern equipment and your skilled doctors.

Do you need a digital marketing campaign?

Our team consists of highly experienced digital marketers in every field, and our specialty is ” Healthcare.” So get in touch, and our team will help you figure out how to reach more people online. 

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