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How I Generated 20 New Patients For My Dental Client In Just 5 Days

As a doctor, the biggest challenge is to generate new leads as to get a steady flow of a patient in the clinic.

By reading this post you may realize that a doctor is not that convinced to advertise his practice online, but still comfortable with tradition marketing. It may be because either a physician is not confident that online can actually generate leads or afraid that it will break financially.

But it’s not true

To put it bluntly, a doctor should advertise where your patient is really spending their time to understand more about the disease and a particular doctor.

Let me disclose how I generated 20 dental lead forms Facebook.

So let’s walk through what you need to get started.


The very first thing which attracts a customer attention is a great Deal. Once you have an offer the next step is to decide for whom this offer is meant for. It means targeted customer. However, to start getting consistent leads you need to focus on targeting one specific segment of your potential audience at a time and build an offer that is attractive to them.

The most effective offer to generate a new Dental lead is a free consultation (Teeth Whitening) for new patients. You can convert them into a paid service such as a cavity repair deep cleaning or any others. Firstly, by free consultation (Teeth Whitening) session, it allows them to develop a trust in you and double the odds of retaining them as a loyal return customer.

The most effective way to segment audience is to present the offer to women who are 18 years old or above. Women who are brides-to-be, getting ready for homecoming or prom or have an anniversary coming up are often looking to get their teeth cleaned and whitened!


To get those effective leads it was necessary to set up a funnel. An effective funnel basically has four elements:

Targeted Facebook ad

A landing page

A thank you page

A follow-up (email and phone call)

Each step of the funnel needs to flow flawlessly into the next and needs to be easy to navigate. Let’s walk through for each step of an effective dental funnel, one at a time.


The most important element of the funnel is the Add. It should be very catchy and attractive which attract the customers to click the ads. The most effective ad type on facebook to use for setting up a lead generation funnel for your own practice is a “Lead Generation ads”.

Once the ad objective is defined, it’s time to select the targeting. This is where the segment of your audience you can decide to target comes into play. Facebook will let you target based on several life events, behaviors and interests.

The following targeting method was quite useful to attract the local lead for free consultation (Teeth Whitening) offer:

Your City +10 KM

Women 18-45

Newly engaged (1 year)

Anniversary in 31-60 Days

There are many other methods to target potential customers but the above method has really given higher ROI.

One the Ad adjective is done and the targeting is over the most important aspect is the design the Add. We need to keep in mind that we are not selling something to an audience but basically we want the customer to click the offer and sign up.

By doing this we will get the customer details as well as email id, which we can use for our Email campaign.

There are a few elements in the ad that you can replicate to create an effective ad for generating leads:

The Main Ad Copy – The message should be very clear about who this ad is aimed. It states the offer clearly as well as a few reasons that they can easily use this offer to their advantage.

The Ad Image – Image is the vital part of an ad and is should attractive with whom the audience can make a connection with. (I mainly recommend stock.adobe.com for great royalty free images.)

The Ad Headline – Clearly makes highlights the offer.

The Ad Description – The description should be very clear and lets them know they need to sign up to claim the offer, matching the call-to-action button that says Sign Up.

The URL – The audience will call you, so the URL should be easy to read.

The Call-to-Action Button – Call to action Button is important as we are attracting the audience to click and take an action

Landing Page – Once the add is clicked it should be landed on a particular page where all relevant information should be there

Once the audience clicks through the ad, they need to land on a page where they can opt-in to your offer. This is how you will collect their email for your list.


No matter what state you are in your practice but the regular inflow of new patient is required. A simple four-part funnel and a unique way of targeting will help you in getting new lead week after week

Be there where your patient is and today Facebook is one of the main sources of lead generation

So be active on Facebook and run add to generate new leads.

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