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Digital Marketing Training & Consultancy

Digital Valueadd is one of the best training institute and healthcare digital marketing consultancy in Bangalore. We provide in-depth training and hands on experience in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Google Adwords, content marketing, e-mail marketing and all other aspects of digital marketing

Our faculty consists of some of the leading experts in digital marketing and training with more than 10 years of experience. Digital Valueadd gives you the benefit of the latest digital optimization technologies and software. Furthermore, being digital marketing consultants, our students undergo practical training on live projects.

Our Google Adwords and Microsoft certified professionals understand the key dynamics of digital marketing and our courses are designed accordingly. The entire training module consists of 60 hours theory and 40 hours of practical training. We also provide 100% job assistance. At the end of the training, you will also be a Google and Microsoft certified digital marketing specialist.

Courses offered by DigitalValueadd

Digital marketing course

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and businesses via multiple electronic media like websites, social media, mobile apps, e-mails, etc. The trick is to keep visible the product or company you’re promoting on as many digital platforms as you can with banners, backlinks and search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

At Digitalvalueadd, you can become a certified digital marketing specialist in 30 days. Cost of the program: Rs.25000

SEO Training

The best mode of digital marketing is to optimize the website you are promoting for better search results. The goal is to beat the competition and get your client’s website on the first page of search results in the shortest time possible. Since all companies aim to do this, SEO professionals are very much in demand.

You can learn the best search engine optimization techniques in just 15 days.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).It is a paid advertising service wherein websites rank on top according to the keywords used. Another Google service is Pay Per Click (PPC) where clients are charged every time someone clicks on the seller’s advertisement. PPC is one of the so-called Inorganic Methods of digital advertising.

Digital Valueadd can make you an experienced SEM professional in just 15 days


Social media marketing

This is one of the most important disciplines in digital marketing. In advertising and marketing, you have to be where people are. This is the age of social media, where people spend a lot of time. Social media platforms are also interactive and give your products and services optimal exposure and visibility.

You can become a certified Social Media Marketing expert in only 10 days


Mobile Marketing

Today, people are using the Internet on their iPods, tablets and smart phones much more than on laptops or desktops. Hence, your marketing messages and brand visibility have to be optimized for the mobile platform. Mobile apps are another way to reach out to potential customers and interact with them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a digital marketing component, but a revenue generating activity. You can allow other companies to promote their products or services on your website for a fee. It can be Pay Per Click, percentage of sales or a monthly remuneration

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