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Online Reputation Management Courses in Bangalore


Connect with us to learn Online Reputation Management Courses in Bangalore.

Well, in this modern world, ORM is a term which is spreading at a relentless pace. Yes, with Online Reputation Management, companies are monitoring and managing the reputation online. In this highly competitive environment, brands are the lucrative things which every customer wants. With the help of DigitalvalueAdd, you become more professional in Online Reputation Management Courses in Bangalore. Hence, nowadays the reputation of the brand becomes an essential factor for the success of any company.

What exactly is ORM?

ORM includes managing the different search results of websites, social media engagement, online reviews and other third-party recommendations. Evidently, the more customers will search for a company; greater will be its online reputation and presence. However, it is essential to know the different safety measures for minimizing risks and avoid bad public relations.

Why is ORM Important?

  • Most customers trust Google review. 45 % of customers take their purchasing decision based on Google review.
  • 85% of customers use Google for research before making the decision.
  • Negative reviews can drastically impact sales as consumers avoid purchasing
  • Competitors can implement negative reputation management against other company

Different ORM Strategies in Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Talking about the core foundation of any company will bring SEO straight into the limelight. However, with a set of positive results, SEO does have some negative ones. By this, users find it a lot easier to engage with your brand and eliminate the negatives.

  1. Content Marketing

Even today, “Content is the Lone King”. It is one of the most vital elements in SEO field and contribution of a good content, never fades away. Content with the perfect SEO and marketing can generate tons of revenue for a particular company.

  1. Social Media Engagement

The power to rule audiences in a powerless manner is through the use of social media engagement. With social media engagement, a number of people can know about a particular company. And in response, the presence and popularity of that company will grow into orbits.

  1. Reviews and Complaints

As a company, you will always need to filter out the complaints day in day out. Further, visualize the negative factors and provide some sort of resolution to customers. With this, issues of the customers can be solved, sooner or later.


In this high-tech competitive world, constantly monitoring brand reputation stands to be a crucial part. Every company must focus on gaining positive reviews and eliminating the negative ones. And for the customers, you must always good quality/services regardless of your working circumstance with great efficiency and grace.

DigitalValueAdd makes you learn more about Online Reputation Management Courses in Bangalore. If you have any query about ORM you can reach us. We will help to rectify the problem.

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