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Healthcare Digital Marketing Consultancy In Bangalore


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As the healthcare industry field benefits from new technologies and treatment methods, patients and their families are also becoming more aware of their medical options. Few doctors may know that according to a survey, 72% of to-be patients or their well-wishers conduct online searches and explore the results before approaching a healthcare practitioner. This means that patients are much more likely to approach doctors and medical institutions, which appear at the top of Google search results.

It is becoming imperative for medical practitioners to have a commanding digital presence and be there when patients are searching for them. This requires effective digital marketing strategies. The strategies can be implemented using various methods, viz. social media promotions, search engine marketing, blogs, direct mailing, etc.

Digital Marketing for Health Care Professionals


Learn more about the healthcare digital marketing consultancy in Bangalore at Digital ValueAdd. We’ve identified the top 7 ways you can optimize the digital presence of your medical practice:

1. Build a professional website

A website is the first step in creating your niche in cyberspace. Your website should be informative and navigation-friendly. Prospective patients need information and unless they are satisfied with the text and image content found on your website, they will simply go back to their search. Your content should give you an edge over other medical practitioners, which will inspire patients to get in touch with you.

2. Optimize your website for search results

You may have the best website in the world but it is useless until people actually visit it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works with keywords that people use to search what they want. Hence your website should have a range of keywords covered by your services. You will also need to keep your website updated with fresh information. Blogs are the best way to maintain your communication tempo with your target audience. So is patient feedback your responses to them.

3. Be at the top

All your digital marketing efforts should be geared towards getting your website on the first page of local search results. It gives your practice more prestige and credibility and surfers are more likely to click on your URL if it appears in the top ten search results. It also ensures that your practice is simultaneously correctly ordered in other online directories. There are many ways to improve your search engine visibility.

4. The power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a feature on websites, whereby visitors get paid to click on its URL and browse the site. It is an ingenious publicity vehicle, which encourages potential patients to visit your website and get the information they are searching for. If your website is PPC-enabled, visitors benefit in their first meeting with you, which may give you an automatic edge over medical establishments. PPC also works with specific ads. on your website or your banner on other websites; this will redirect the searcher to your website.

5. Email marketing

E-mail marketing is the best way to remind existing patients of their next appointment. You can also keep your patients or the general public updated with medical developments in the world, health care tips and new service or equipment offering. There are different ways to create a database of e-mails of people who would be more receptive to your communications.

One-to-one interaction with patients or the public has several benefits: cost-effectiveness, the simplicity of communication, accurate targeting, helping you reach out to many people at once, customization according to different sections of your audience.

6. Encourage patient reviews

Doctors and medical establishments with more online reviews increase their possibilities for acquiring new patients and retaining existing ones. People searching for health care providers routinely read their reviews. Just look at the number of times Internet searchers use the keywords “doctor reviews”. Positive reviews immediately establish credibility and hope in patients.

Positive reviews appear more credible when they are read on third-party medical sites such as Practo and others. There are various ways, through which you can encourage your patients to write reviews of their experiences with you.

7. Facebook

Facebook is the most efficient and cost-effective vehicle to interact with regular patients as well as acquire new ones. However, to use social media vehicles like Facebook to promote your practice, you need to learn the skills to optimize the site’s advertising features. One of the best ways to engage your followers on social media is to organize fitness challenges, sharing personal experiences, etc.

This article may have given you new insights on marketing your medical practice. It may also give you a sense of urgency in creating or magnifying your digital presence. If so, this is the right time to start learning the digital marketing techniques, which other medical establishments are already applying.

Digital Valueadd is one of the best Healthcare Digital Marketing Consultancy In Bangalore with a team of professionals with years of insights in the digital world. We offer training in the digital marketing tools and techniques, which can take your practice to the next level in quick time.

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