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Movie Promotion

Digital Marketing Strategy Used By Digitalvalueadd To Promote Kannada Movie Nanagista

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman once said that “Only real marketing movies get is word of mouth”, this is nothing but the truth, since the digital revolution, moviegoers started to have another platform for the expressing their views when they see a great movie that platform being – social media. In the olden days, there weren’t many movies releasing as it is today.

Hence movies didn’t need to strive for attention; a movie is only successful if it reaches its desired audience. One of the prominent ways to market a film these days is digital media. One such excellent marketing strategy was adopted for the Kannada movie Nanagista. They adopted the following strategy to promote their movie.

1. Influence Marketing:

It’s no surprise for a movie to be well received there must be a lot of people who are involved in promoting the same. People in general, have the habit of being reluctant in trying new things unless it is tried by someone they look up to.

This movie had a great advantage of multi-award-winning music artist KS Chitra as their playback singer for some of the songs. She took to twitter about her contribution to the movie. As famous as she is, she has more than 44 thousand followers.

2. Online Reputation management:

There was an online hashtag that was used to keep the conversation moving about the movie. They also maintained a Facebook page that was regularly updated and there was a constant interaction between the movies makers and the moviegoers.

This movie made a very good use of the social media, it opened Facebook pages and was garlanded with more than 2000 likes and that online population slowly grew and now it has its own fan based. The cover photo and profile photo gave a glimpse of the whole picture that created anticipation in the minds of the audience, as it was directed by one of the most decorated Kannada directors, Dinesh Baboo.

3. Fan management:

This movie managed its fans by announcing various contests that were easy for them to participate in as it involved answering a question about the movies and such.

Fans of the actor Ashwin Devang also participated by making a video stating how excited they were. They also conducted a selfie contest, and fans were given a personalized gift.

4. A positive word for celebrities:

One of the great ways to promote a movie is a word from the famous actors, the following actors put a good word in the audience for the movie Kinnari Mani, SA RE GA MA PA mentor Suchethan Rangaswamy, Actress Tanuja, Rajesh Nataranga, Lohith Naik and Sujay Shastry. Their videos promoted this movie a lot.

5. Question and Fun activities:

They would regularly post about questions from the movie people who answer them correctly would get exciting prices. This would be one of the best digital marketing strategies.

6. Let the audience experience the story:

There can be hundreds of written synopsis given by various media outlets, but on the synopsis that stands out is the response given by the fellow audience. This movie used the best digital marketing strategy but letting the audience tell the story to the potential audience by means of videos posted on Facebook.

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