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How a negative review can affect a doctors business?

Digital Marketing for Doctors

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A well-known dentist in Bangalore woke up to a shocking negative review on google and all his social media platforms. One of his patients had claimed that Doctor clinic was a big scam and a money-making business.

The patient claimed that he falsely diagnosed cavities just to extract money. Dentist was devastated. His years of hard work and dedication to his profession was about to go down the drain. But thankfully, with some help, the dentist could not only make this negative review seem insignificant but was also turned around to his advantage.

So what exactly he did

He responded, addressing the issue in the most positive manner and why individual decisions need to be taken at an early stage for the benefit of the patients.

Many doctors do not pay attention to comments made about them on social media. Even if harmful activities that could affect their reputation and practice could be going on, and they’ll have no idea. The fact is, if you don’t control your reputation on social media, someone else will.

It’s becoming impossible for doctors to ignore customer service and to ignore social media. A surgeon with poor bedside manners, a rude receptionist, or the uncaring nurse could be calling unintentional trouble on social media. Doctors need to protect themselves against negative comments because they can spread quickly through the Internet. The worst part is they stick around for years. Many of these comments can be unfair and untrue. It has been noticed that at times doctors can get a negative review because they promoted life-saving vaccines, refused to prescribe an addictive painkiller, or may have disagreed with the patient. The agitated patient might not even mention these issues in detail and, instead, comment that the doctor was careless or is money-minded.

Negative comments may not be real, but they have an unusual ability to spread faster than the Covid-19 virus.

Three Types of Content That Can Harm Your Reputation

  1. Insensitive posts by doctors themselves: As a general rule, always think of the implications before posting, and have a personal page that is separate from your professional page.
  2. Comments about doctors made on social media: These comments may appear on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or other forums, blogs, and countless other unknown sites.
  3. Comments on doctor-rating sites: These can be especially harmful because many people use these sites to form opinions about you. These sites are trendy, and they often come up first on the search.

Two Basic Steps in Reputation Management

Reputation management involves taking steps to improve your reputation online. It consists of locating negative comments and then taking steps to deal with those comments.

You might think that finding negative comments across the Internet would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it is not all that complicated. It involves searching for your name on Google or checks your Google my business page frequently. You can also download Google my business app in your mobile which will keep you updated about recent comments

The next step involves responding appropriately to the negative comments you find.

Dealing With Comments on Social Media Platforms

These comments could go viral if someone who notices them resend them to others. So it’s essential to monitor all the comments on your page and develop a strategy to deal with them.

Facebook provides specific tools and options to deal with an unwanted post on your page:

  • Exclude specific words from the post. These could include statements that you consider untrue or provocative language.
  • Hide the comment from everyone except the writers and their friends. Because they won’t know that the comment is hidden, you may avoid potential fallout.
  • Delete the comment entirelyFurthermore, you can ban the user from ever commenting on any of your posts ever again.

You have similar options on some other social media platforms and your website, blog, or other pages that you control.

Deleting comments is often seen as an attempt to hide the truth, and people will become mistrustful of you.

When you let the comment stand, you can respond to it, and your response can build the public’s trust and practice

Responding can help.

There are valid ways to reduce the impact of a negative review, such as encouraging satisfied patients to post reviews. Another way is to improve traffic on your website so that it comes up before the review sites in a Google search.

We understand how tough it is for doctors to manage online patient reviews. Doctors have other responsibilities to handle. That is where we can help you. Digital Marketing for Doctors – Reputation management can be a time-consuming process, and dealing with negative patient remarks can be draining. But remember, for doctors, reputation is their practice. Proactively, managing your online reputation will help make sure that reviews are improving your practice and not ruining it.


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