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Demand for Skilled Professionals

A survey conducted across the recruitment databases of Nasscom, Naukri, Glassdoor, GitHub, Twitter and Google Trends witnessed a major shift in the demand and supply for various job positions across industries. The survey found that while existing employees are getting laid off across disciplines, there is an enormous demand for digital marketers, but no supply. HR sources have revealed that companies are struggling to find good quality candidates for digital marketing positions.

The former employees turned to social media to air their grievances about the perceived injustice done to them, without knowing the reasons behind the move of those companies, predominantly from the IT sector. Almost 70% of the employees who received the golden handshake were those who had been unable to adapt to the changing requirements of the workplace, especially those related to digital marketing operations.

The knowledge gap, it is learnt, starts at the university level where the curriculum has not kept pace with the fast-moving changes occurring in the market place. Currently, the disciplines in high demand are those that apply Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning robotics, social media communications and digital marketing. However, because the knowledge and skills required for students to work in these fields is not imparted by traditional universities, the gap is being bridged by private establishments. These independent training institutes have the required expertise and can offer certification courses that companies can trust.

In the meantime, organizations are compelled to hire freshers or less-skilled candidates and conduct on-the-job training programs, especially in the fields of digital marketing and social media communications. This is a huge investment burden for companies already under financial stress due to related changes in the market place. This presents an excellent opportunity for job-seekers because compensation tends to be high when talent supply outweighs demand. They can get trained in these disciplines and earn huge salaries compared to the regular software jobs.

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